Viken Kiledjian: Physics 3

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Ti89 Titanium

Test1 Formulas

Test 1

Chapter 23 Notes

Ti83Plus & Ti83Plus Silver

Test2 Formulas

Test 1 Answers

Chapter 24 Notes

Ti84Plus & Ti84Plus Silver

Test3 Formulas

Test 2

Chapter 25 Notes


Test4 Formulas

Test 2 Answers

Chapter 26 Notes


Test5 Formulas

Test 3

Chapter 27 Notes

Ti89 & Ti92

Final Formulas

Test 3 Answers

Chapter 28 Notes

General Position of a Particle in a Magnetic Field

Extra Credit Report

Test 4

Chapter 29 Notes

General Equation of the Magnetic Field of a Solenoid


Test 4 Answers

Chapter 30 Notes



Test 5

Chapter 31 Notes



Test 5 Answers

Chapter 32 Notes



Test Chpt. 33

Chapter 33 Notes



Chpt. 33 Answers